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Anuarul Istoriografic al României, IV, 2014: Bibliografie selectiva/ Biblioteca Centrala Universitara 'Lucian Blaga' Cluj-Napoca; Coordonator general: Doru Radosav, coordonator: Lucia Turc; Autori: Andreea Bocos, Calin Emilian Cira, Maria-Stela Constantinescu-Matita, Augusta Costiuc Radosav, Eliza Craciun, Monica Gabriela Florea, Denes Gyorfi, Anca Ifrim, Monica Lupas, Adina Pop, Lidia Prisac, Iulia-Maria Puie, Eva Szegedi, Lucia Turc; traducere in limba engleza: Elena Firea, Daniela Todor
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook 2017-2018: On the Threshold: Conformism, Dissent and (De)Synchronizations in Romanian Media Art in the 1960 and 1970s/ Horea Avram; The 'Rosarium' of Pelbartus of Themeswar: Notes on Its Sources/ Alexandra Baneu; The Survival and Re-Birth of an Idea: Prolegomena to a Theory and History of 'Messianic Feelings' with Constant Reference to the German-Jewish Modern Messianism of the Weimar Republic/ Lorin Ghiman; Beyond Consciousness: Psychology and Religious Experience in the Early Work of Mircea Eliade (1925-1932)/ Matei Iagher; Faire l’histoire de la 'littérature française' comme discipline académique dans la Roumanie moderne (1864-1948). Considérations théoriques et méthodologiques/ Dragos Jipa; The Perpetrators' Testimonies: The Case of Alexandru Draghici and His Associates/ Dumitru Lacatusu; Film and Theories of Interpersonal Understanding/ Mihai Ometita; Building a Profession: An Insight on the Professionalization of Engineers in Romania 1919-1940/ Dragos Sdrobis; The Musical Arsenal in the First World War: 'Die Wacht am Rhein' in Transylvanian Saxons' Repertoire/ Marian Zaloaga; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Yearbook, Europe Next to Europe Program, 2015-2016, 2016-2017: From Margins to Nation: Church Slavonic marginal Inscriptions and Their Value as Historical Sources for Macedonian Historiography/ Kristina Nikolovska; Songs, Myths, Identity and Territory: Serbian Kosovo Epic as 'Invented Tradition'/ Aleksandar Pavlović; Enthusiasm for Space: Affects and Hierarchies in the Production of Tarlabaşı/ Vildan Seçkiner; Citizenship and Otherness: Theorizing Constitutional Identities of the Balkan States/ Predrag Zenovic; Anti-corruption Institutional Framework in Serbia/ Marija Zurnić; 2015 Belgrade Lesbian March: Lesbian Separatism in Public Space/ Bojan Bilić; Learning Silenced Sexualities: War Rape Legacy and Trauma Transmission among War Rape Survivors/ Nena Močnik; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook 2016-2017: Staging Lu Xun in Contemporary Chinese Theatre. The Aesthetics of Morality in Rethinking Versions of Reality on the Experimental Stage/ Andreea Chirita; Rethinking the Iconic in the Age of Screen Technologies. A Byzantine Hierotopic Perspective on Seeing Images as Presence/ Adrian Gor; Accéder à la félicité : quelques remarques préliminaires sur les pensées politiques de Farabi et de Maïmonide/ Dan-Alexandru Ilies; Kirchenkritik in Zeiten der Rhetorik des Populismus. Eine Diskursanalytische Annäherung an Hans Küng/ Maria Irod; Popular Music and Official Culture in 1980s Socialist Romania/ Claudiu Oancea; Developments in Food Consumption in Socialist Romania during the 1960s and 1970s: Implications for a Reevaluation of Consumers' Experiences under Socialism/ Mircea-Lucian Scrob; Romanian Echoes of the Currency versus Banking Debate - From Unification to the Creation of the National Bank/ Tudor Gherasim Smirna; The Impact of Secularization and Spiritualizaton on Death Meanings and Practices, among Contemporary Romanians/ Adela Toplean; Population Movements, Displacement and Refuge during World War I in Romania (1916-1918)/ Radu Tudorancea; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Yearbook, Pontica Magna Program, 2015-2016, 2016-2017: With/out the EU's Perspective: Europeanisation Narratives in Ukraine/ Nadiia Bureiko; Post-Soviet Transnational Urban Communities: Institutions, Networks and Discourses/ Sevil Huseynova; Seeking the Barbarians: On the Trail of Ovid from Odesa to Balchik/ Andriy Lyubka; School Doctors, Hygiene and the Medicalization of Education in Imperial Moscow, 1889-1914/ Anna Mazanik; The Religious Factor in the Scottish Independence Referendum/ Sergei A. Mudrov; L’enseignement primaire des minorités ethniques dans les zones rurales de Bessarabie et de Transnistrie dans l’entre-deux guerres (1918-1940). Nationalisation et intégration nationale/ Petru Negura; Painting and Sculpture at the American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959: Defining Success of a Hot Art Show During the Cold War/ Kirill Chunikhin; How Do We Produce Knowledge on a Country During Armed Conflict? The Challenges of Researching Ukraine in the Contexts of Euromaidan and Russia-Ukraine War/ Darya Malyutina; Constructions of Female Authority in the Byzantine Empire and Medieval Georgia: Comparative Approach to the Representation of Queen Tamar (R.1184-1213) and Byzantine Imperial Women/ Sandro Nikolaishvili; How Corruption Destroys Higher Education in Ukraine/ Ararat L. Osipian; Behind Estate: Cossack Particularism and Inadequacies of the National Paradigm/ Oleksandr Polianichev; A Springboard for Revolution?: The Establishment of the Moldovan ASSR and the Competing Visions of its International Revolutionary Role/ Alexandr Voronovici; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook 2015-2016: An Overview of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy: From Letters and Notebooks to the Tractus Logico-Philosophicus and a Little Beyond/ Andreea Esanu; The Mystery of the Human Being in Augustine: In Quest of the Foundations of an Apophatic Anthropology/ Georgiana Huian; The Wine-Tax Regulations and the Transformation of the State in Wallachia, 1740-1831/ Vasile Mihai Olaru; Idéologie de la Langue Nationale : Une comparaison entre le Français et le Roumain/ Cristiana Papahagi; Echanges Interculturels dans les Récits de Voyage des Français en Orient de la Deuxième Moitié du XVIIe Siècle/ Vanezia Parlea; The French Origins and Cultural Reception of the Romanian Translation of Henry David Thoreau's Walden/ Iuliu Ratiu; Virgil Madgearu at the Crossroads of an Anticapitalistic Trinity: German Historicism, Populism and Marxism/ Andreas Stamate-Stefan; Making (New) Sense of Marsyas in Late Antiquity: A Foray into John Malalas' Chronicle and its Literary Horizon/ Theodor E. Ulieriu-Rostas; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Yearbook 2015-2016: Not Another Constantine. Rethinking Imperial Sainthood Through the Case of John III Vatatzes/ Lorenzo M. Ciolfi; La Marseillaise and the Mob: Re/Deconstructing Antisemitism and Protest at the University of Strasbourg, 1937/ Erin Corber; Hungarian and Romanian New Left Groups in Global Context: Perspectives on the Relation Between Academic and Movement Politics/ Agnes Gagyi; From Estonian-Russian Inter-Marriages to 'Inter-regional' Marriages in Ukraine in the Times of Crisis/ Uku Lember; Rethinking Neo-Vedanta: Swami Vivekananda and the Selective Historiography of Advaita Vedanta/ James Madaio; Biologie et Agronomie en Roumanie sous l'Emprise du Lyssenkisme (1945-1965). Questions de Méthode/ Cristiana Oghina-Pavie; Anquetil Duperrron's Search for the Mughal Public Sphere: Orientalism as Political Economy in Eighteenth-Century France/ Blake Smith; Handel Und Staat. Ein Versuch Zum Wirtschaftstheoretischen Denken August Ludwig Schlözers/ Alix Winter; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Black Sea Link Program: Yearbook 2014-2015: Archives and Readers: Preservation and Circulation of Documents in Byzantine Monastic Archives/ Anna Adashinskaya; The Rethinking of Human Agency and the Science of Literature: Ideological, Sexual and Literary Politics in the Writings of Russian Formalists/ Asiya Bulatova; Who Writes the History of the Romans? Agency and Causality in Nikephoros Gregoras' Historia Rhomaike/ Divna Manolova; Explaining Russia's Foreign Policy Toward the Transnistrian Conflict (1991-2013)/ Octavian Rusu; Armenian Scribe and Painter Avag Tsaghkogh (14th Century)/ Lusine Sargsyan; The Ukrainian Far Right and the Ukrainian Revolution/ Anton Shekhovtsov; Some Iconographical Aspects of the Late Medieval Armenian Art on the Examples of the Altar Curtains from the Museum of the Armenian Church in Bucharest/ Nelli Smbatyan; Unsecularizing the World: Moldovan Baptists and Globalization of Religion/ Vitalie Sprinceana; Identity, Memory, Place, Narrative: The Case of Crimean Tatars/ Anastasiia Zherdieva; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Yearbook, Europe Next to Europe Program, 2013-2014, 2014-2015: Branding the Ethnically Divided City: Between Metaphors and Social Realities/ Ana Aceska; Friendship and Symbolic Boundaries in Postsocialism: The Case of Croatian Upper Middle Class/ Dražen Cepić; A 'Splendid' Calamity and Tanzimat in the City: The Hocapaşa Fire of 1865 and Property in Disaster Law/ Eda Güçlü; Legitimating the Democratic State in Post-Communist Romania: Memory as a Cultural Good/ Sokol Lleshi; Secularism and Identitarian Orthodoxy: Trajectories of a Great Divide over the Notion of the West/ Slaviša Raković; Descartes' Solitude Thesis: A Neglected Aspect of the Cartesian Methodology/ Ioannis Trisokkas; The Black Sea and the Great War, the Naval Forces and Operations of the Ottoman and Russian Empires/ Ozan Arslan; Being Caught Between 'Anthropology at Home' and 'Anthropology Abroad': An Overview of Epistemological Positions of Ethno-anthropologists in the Balkan at the Turn of the 20th Century/ Čarna Brković; Passportism: Xenophobia from Discourse to Policy/ Srdjan M. Jovanovic; The Crisis and the Nation: 'Conservative Palingenesis' in Interwar Serbia/ Andrej Mitić; Technologies of Rebellion: Ottoman Balkans as a Site of Technological Contestation, 1878-1912/ Ramazan Hakki Oztan; Edited by New Europe College
Anuarul Istoriografic al României, III, 2013: Bibliografie selectiva/ Biblioteca Centrala Universitara 'Lucian Blaga' Cluj-Napoca; Coordonator general: Doru Radosav, coordonator: Lucia Turc; Autori: Andreea Bocos, Calin Emilian Cira, Maria-Stela Constantinescu-Matita, Augusta Costiuc Radosav, Eliza Craciun, Monica Gabriela Florea, Denes Gyorfi, Anca Ifrim, Monica Lupas, Adina Pop, Eva Szegedi, Lucia Turc; traducere in limba engleza: Elena Firea, Daniela Todor
Annalen van het Genootschap voor wetenschappelijke philosophie: Orgaan van het Genootschap voor wetenschappelijke philosophie Gevestigt te Utrecht/ Onder redactie D. Bartling
Thales: Recueil annuel des travaux et bibliographie/ Institut d'Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques de l'Univerdsité de Paris et Centre d'Études de Philosophie et d'Histoire de la PHilosophie dans leurs rapports avec les Sciences
Wissenschaftlicher Jahresbericht der Philosophischen Gesellschaft an der Universität zu Wien - Orts-Gruppe Wien der Kant-Gesellschaft für das Vereinsjahr 1931/32
Revue de Théologie, Troisième série
Neue Jahrbücher für Philologie und Paedagogik/ Herausgegeben unter der verantwortlichen Redaction von Alfred Fleckeisen und Hermann Masius
Archives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Littéraire du Moyen Age/ dirigées par Étienne Gilson et G. Théry, O. P.
Divus Thomas: Jahrbuch für Philosophie und speculative Theologie, II. Serie/ Herausgeber: Ernst Commer
Symposion: Jahrbuch für Philosophie/ Leiter: Max Müller
Almanahul literar 1974/ Asociatia Scriitorilor din Bucuresti
Comptes rendus des séances de l'année / Académiem des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres
New Europe College Yearbook 2014-2015: 'Nous massacrerons les révoltes logiques'. Benjamin Fondane – écrivain moderne, penseur existentiel. Autour de 'Baudelaire et l’expérience du gouffre'/ Olga Bartosiewicz; M. Cornelius Fronto - A Man of Letters and His Letters/ Olga Budaragina; Une ville marchande aux bouches du Danube : Kilia, de la domination génoise à la conquête ottomane (XIVe-XVe siècle)/ Marco Cassioli; The EU's Human Rights Advocacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2000-2008)/Beáta Huszka; Samuel Beckett and Emil Cioran: Towards a Comparative Study/ Benjamin Keatinge; Emil Cioran and the Ideea of Decadence/ Angelo Mitchievici; The Environmental Impact of Extensive Growth in Western- and East-Central Europe between 1850 and 1960/ Viktor Pál; Translating Objects into Words and Images: Methodological Observations on the Blending of Excavation and Textual Data/ Catalin Pavel; 'Double Identity' of Contemporary Gypsy Musicians in Eastern Europe or why 'the Roma [Still] Wish to be Heard'/ Anna G. Piotrowska; Acquisition de la vertu et éducation de la raison. Kant et Crusius sur la philosophie morale/ Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet; Flowers but no Bouquet: the Common Assembly's Relations with the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community under Presidents Jean Monnet and René Mayer, 1952-1956/ Brian Shaev; The Meanings of Madness: Through Foucault to Husserl/ Alina Vaisfeld; Confucianism and Juche Ideology: an Analysis of the Manipulation of Confucianism for the Creation of a Political Religion/ Diana Yüksel; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook 2014-2015: Southeast European Studies during the Cold War: Aspects of International Institutionalization (1960s-1970s)/ Bogdan C. Iacob; Art and Politics in Modern Dictatorships in the Southern Cone and Eastern Europe: A Preview of Theoretical Problems/ Caterina Preda; Aristophanes and Aristocracy. Political Gender and the Hermeneutics of Desire/ Laurentiu Ristache; Réception de la théorie du progress perpétuel au XIVe siècle byzantine: Grégoire Palamas et Calliste Angélicoudès/ Gheorghe Ovidiu Sferlea; Classical Liberalism in Romania: the Case of Emanuel Neuman/ Mihai-Vladimir Topan; Byzantine Imperial Excommunication or About the Boldness of a Patriarch. Case Study: Michael VIII Palaiologos/ Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie; Moral Distrust: Conflict and Mutualism in a Romanian Village/ Radu Gabriel Umbres; Appeal to Confucianism in Chinese Political Discourse: Hu Jintao's Human-centered Rhetoric/ Mugur Zlotea; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Yearbook 2013-2014: Tracing the Footsteps of a World Anthropologist: Clues and Hypotheses for a Biography of John V. Murra (Isaak Lipschitz)/ Marian Viorel Anastasoaie; 'La sausse vaut mieux que le poisson': David Ruhnken's 1754 Publication of the Platonic Lexicon of Timaeus/ Daniel Andersson; Batir la reussite familiale dans son village d'origine. Migration et investissements immobiliers d'un groupe rom roumain/ Norah Benarrosh-Orsoni; The Symbolic Function of Mathematics in Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Culture/ Francesca Biagioli; Naturalising Epistemic Norms through Humean Standards of Taste/ Treasa Campbell; The Romanian Writer: from Socio-Cultural Need to 'Democratic' Disinterest/ Daniel Cristea-Enache; Réflexions sur l'écriture d'une histoire de la contestation en Roumanie: la révolte paysanne de 1907, allégorie de la modernité?/ Lucie Guesnier; Les juifs des Principautés danubiennes au regard français jusqu'en 1860. Introduction à l'étude des campagnes pour l'émancipation des juifs des Principautés danubiennes, 1866-1878/ Damien Guillaume; The Selimiye Mosque, the Apocalypse and the War of Cyrus (1570-71): The Creation of Selim II's Sultanic Image/ Tamás Kiss; Twelver Shīʿī Components in contemporary Bektāši Visual Piety in the Western Balkans?: a Note on Bektāši Visual Culture/ Sara Kuehn; Anglo Romanian Relations and the Soviet Union, 1939-40: the British Guarantee & Transylvanian Crisis/ Jonathan Murphy; Grinding Mankind’s Hopes and Fears for Free: an Attempt to Reposition Science Fiction as a Cultural Vocation/ Dominic Negrici; The Politics of Civil Society Assistance in the Western Balkans/ Mladen Ostojić; The Limits of Direct Attention/ Naomi van Steenbergen; Edited by New Europe College
Anuarul Istoriografic al României, II, 2012: Bibliografie selectiva/ Biblioteca Centrala Universitara 'Lucian Blaga' Cluj-Napoca; Coordonator general: Doru Radosav, coordonator: Lucia Turc; Autori: Andreea Bocos, Calin Emilian Cira, Maria-Stela Constantinescu-Matita, Augusta Costiuc Radosav, Eliza Craciun, Monica Florea, Denes Gyorfi, Anca Ifrim, Maria Kovacs, Monica Lupas, Adina Pop, Eva Szegedi, Lucia Turc; traducere in limba engleza: Georgina Maria Aldea, Dana Marcus, Daniela Todor
Anuarul Istoriografic al României, I, 2011: Bibliografie selectiva/ Biblioteca Centrala Universitara 'Lucian Blaga' Cluj-Napoca; Coordonator general: Doru Radosav, coordonator: Lucia Turc; Autori: Andreea Bocos, Maria-Stela Constantinescu-Matita, Augusta Costiuc Radosav, Eliza Craciun, Monica-Gabriela Culic, Denes Gyorfi, Maria Kovacs, Monica Lupas, Adina Pop, Georgina Presecan, Eva Szegedi, Ildiko Tamas, Lucia Turc, Anamaria Zbucea; traducere in limba engleza: Georgina Presecan, Ildiko Tamas, Daniela Todor; Cu o addenda: Cristina Cervinska, Maria Kovacs, Ion Xenofontov
New Europe College Yearbook 2012-2013: Derrida, Husserl and Relativism/ Mihail Evans; History After State Socialism: Polish Secret Service Archives and Accusations of Betrayal/ Saygun Gokariksel; Representations of Moses Gaster (1856-1939) in Anglophone and Romanian Scholarship/ Maria (Cioata) Haralambakis; Power-Winning Contexts and Strategies of Charles I and Wenceslas III. A Comparison of their Quest for the Hungarian Throne/ Wojciech Kozłowski; A Criticism of Arendt's Concept of Ideology/ Daniel Kuchler; Funeral Monuments from the Transylvanian Principality in the Face of the Reformation/ Dóra Mérai; Posthumanism: Is There a Theophany in the Computer? Kurzweil and the Eternal Return of the Sacred/ Josef Schovanec; La photographie et la question de la communauté politique. L’archéologie de l’effacement des traces/ Denis Skopin; In the Middle of the Nation, on the Margins of the Academia: Historiography in Banat in the Long 19th Century/ Bálint Varga; Une forme qui vient à l’esprit. Composition et improvisation dans la musique du periya mēḷam (Inde du Sud)/ William Daniel Jöel Tallotte; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Black Sea Link Program: Yearbook 2013-2014/ Imagining Public [Space]: Socially Engaged Interventions and Transformation in Bucharest/ David (Data) Chigholashvili; Censorship Institutions in the Countries of the Communist Bloc/ Liliana Corobca; Clash of Russian-American National Interests in the South Caucasus and Central Asia/ Elnur Ismayilov; Holocaust in a Transnistrian Town: Death and Survival in Rybnitsa (1941-1944)/ Alexandru Lesanu; We and Our Neighbours: What We know About Each Other. History Teaching and Textbooks in the Republic of Moldova and Romania/ Sergiu Musteata; Nationness in the Russian Empire: Approaches to the Study of the Phenomenon/ Elena Pavleeva; Post-Soviet Diaspora-Building Processes and the Transnationalization of the Politics of Memory/ Sergey Rumyantsev; European Workers' Freedom to Associate in the European Courts/ Niko Tatylashvili; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program: Yearbook 2013-2014: The Dialectics of Estrangement: A Simmelian Interpretation of Displacement and Resettlement Caused by Development Projects/ Filip Alexandrescu; One, Two, Three...A Discussion on the Generation of Numbers in Plato's Parmenides/ Florin George Calian; The Castellany Accounts of Late-Medieval Savoy: A Source-Oriented Approach/ Ionut Epurescu-Pascovici; Before and After the Revolution: Modernism, Political Modernism and Post-modernism in the Films of Miklós Jancsó/ Andrei Gorzo; Die Paulinische Israelogie und Ihre Liturgische Rezeption in der Ostkirche/ Alexandru Ionita; Le Discours sur L'Economie Politique de Jean-Jacques Rousseau ou Porquoi toute économie est une économie politique/ Veronica Lazar; Convergences culturelles et politiques de la télévision publique en France et en Roumanie à l'époque du Dégel/ Alexandru Matei; Questions of Autorship and Authority in Some Early Modern Anatomical Images, the Tabulae Anatomicae of Pietro da Cortona/ Ioana Magureanu; Edited by New Europe College
Medieval and Early Modern Studies for Central and Eastern Europe
New Europe College Black Sea Link Program: Yearbook 2012-2013/ The Holocaust and the Destruction of Romani in the World War II: Oral History Interpretations on the Deportations of Romani and Jews to Transnistria Governorate/ Anna Abakunova; Between God and Caesar: the Clandestine Ukrainian Greek Catholic Clergy in the Soviet State (1946-1989)/ Kateryna Budz; Foreign Entrepreneurs and Industrialization in South Russia in the late 19th and early 20th century/ Volodymyr Kulikov; Trans-cultural Trade in the Black Sea Region, 1250-1700: Integration of the Armenian Trading Diaspora in the Moldavian Principality/ Alexandr Osipian; History, Land and Collective Identity: Crimean Cossack and Crimean Tatar Contestation on Physical and Social Space/ Huseyin Oylupinar; New Dimensions of the European Union's Energy Security and the South Caucasus/ Aram Terzyan