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Beyond EU-Enlargement: Volume 2: The Agenda of Stabilisation for Southeastern Europe / Wim van Meurs (ed.)
Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, 2001, Gütersloh , (carte) 284 p., ISBN 3-89204-549-6
Topics (ro): integrare europeana; stabilitate (agenda de) - Europa de Sud-Est; Uniunea Europeana - integrarea tarilor sud-est europene; securitatea pan-europeana; minoritati nationale - Europa de Sud-Est; probleme de viza - tari sud-est europene
Topics (en): European integration; stabilisation, agenda of - South-Eastern Europe; European Union - EU Eastern Enlargement; Pan-European security; national minorities - South-Eastern Europe; Visa and border issues - East European countries
Position: H.1724-MEU (2) UDC: 327.39(4)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Annual Review of Political Science / editor: Nelson W. Polsby
Annual Reviews, 1999-2001, 2003, Palo Alto, California , (periodic) cca 590 p., ISSN 1094-2939
Topics (ro): globalizare; stabilitate; Uniune Europeana; cultura liberala; institutionalism; partide politice; democratie; reguli electorale; comert international; economie politica; guvernare; revolutie; conflict international; stiinte politice; constitutionalism
Topics (en): globalization; stability; European Union; liberal culture; istitutionalism; political parties; democracy; electoral rules; international trade/ foreign trade; political economy; government; Revolution; international conflict; political sciences; constitut
Position: Periodic UDC: 32(05)
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Revista româna de stiinte politice = Romanian Journal of Political Science/ Published by the Romanian Academic Society on behalf of the Romanian community of political scientists; editor: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
SAR, 2001-2005, Bucuresti , (periodic) , ISSN 1582-456X
Topics (ro): postcomunism - conflicte - reconciliere; relatii internationale - pact de stabilitate; politica - democratie - democratizare, teorie; stiinte politice - integrare europeana; politica - alegeri electorale; democratie multietnica - postcomunism; politica -
Topics (en): post-communism - conflicts - reconciliation; international relations - stability pact; politics - democracy - democratization, theory; political sciences - European integration; politics - elections; multi-ethnic democracy - post-communism; politics - con
Position: periodic UDC: 32(045)

4. *
Political Risk Assessment: An Annotated Bibliography / Compiled by David A. Jodice
Greenwood Press, 1985, Westport, Connecticut - London , (carte) xii, 280 p., ISBN 0-313-24444-8, ISSN 0742-6909
Topics (ro): investitii straine - aspecte politice - bibliografie; management de risc - aspecte politice - bibliografie; stabilitate politica - evaluare - bibliografie
Topics (en): foreign investments - political aspects - bibliography; risk management - political aspects - bibliography; political stability - evaluation - bibliography
Position: J.0-JOD UDC: 016.6581:32
Series: Bibliographies and Indexes in Law and Political Science; 3
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Stability in the Persian Gulf: Regional and Transatlantic Perspectives/ Coordinator: Klaus Wehmeier, Thomas Paulsen; Program Assistant: Karen Pehla; Editor: Thomas Weihe; Translatios: Jonna Meyer-Spasche
Körber-Stiftung, 2006, Hamburg , (carte) 132 p., ISBN 3-89684-361-3
Topics (ro): relatii internationale - stabilitate - Orientul Mijlociu; politica mondiala - democratizare - stabilitate - Golful Persic - asistenta externa - politica de securitate - Statele Unite - Europa
Topics (en): international relations - stability - Middle East; World politics - democratization - stability - Persian Golf - external assistance - security policy - United States - Europe
Position: H.173-KOR UDC: 327
Series: Bergedorf Round Table
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Europe's World: published three times yearly in assoc. with Friends of Europe, an independent Brussels-based think tank for EU policy analysis and debate/ Editor: Giles Menitt; Publisher: geert Cami
Europe's World, 2006, Brussels , (periodic) , ISSN 1782-0642
Topics (ro): Europa - Uniunea Europeana - integrare europeana; religie; pact de stabilitate; Rusia - Europa; criza UE; securitate la Marea Neagra
Topics (en): Europe - European Union - European integration; religion; stability pact; Russia - Europe; EU crisis; Black Sea security
Position: periodic UDC: 32(4)

7. Albert, Michel
Un Pari pour l'Europe: Vers le redressement de l'économie européenne dans les années 80 / Michel Albert
Éditions du Seuil, 1983, Paris , (carte) 156 p., ISBN 2-02-006606-8
Topics (ro): economie europeana - anii '80 - redresare economica; Europa - crestere economica - comunitate europeana; strategie europeana - dinamica economica - stabilitatea economica; sociologie - munca - salariati - Europa
Topics (en): European economy - 80's, the - economic straightening; Europe - economic growth ( economic expansion) - European community; European strategy - economic dynamics - economical stability; sociology - labour - employees - Europe
Position: H.1724-ALB UDC: 330.3(4)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

8. Barth, Fredrik; Eidheim, Harald; Blom, Jan-Petter; Knutsson, Karl Eric; Siverts, Henning; Izikowitz, Karl G.
Ethnic Groups and Boundaries: The Social Organization of Culture Difference / Edited by Fredrik Barth
Waveland Press, Inc., 1998, Prospect Heights, Illinois , (carte) 156 p., ISBN 0-88133-979-2
Topics (ro): grupuri etnice si granite - identitate etnica - stiinte sociale; procese etnice - determinanti economici; diferentiere culturala etnica; stabilitate etnica - politica; etnicitate
Topics (en): ethnical groups and boundaries - ethnic identity - social sciences; ethnical processes - economic determinants; ethnic cultural distinction; ethnic stability - politics; ethnicity
Position: H.174-BAR UDC: 323.1
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

9. Baudrillard, Jean
The Illusion of the End/ Jean Baudrillard; translated by Chris Turner
Stanford University Press, 1994, Stanford, California , (carte) viii, 124 p., ISBN 0-8047-2501-2
Topics (ro): istorie - critica istorica; filosofie contemporana; iluzia sfirsitului - filosofie - Franta - sec. XX; imortalitate; disolutie - strategie; catastrofa; razboi; instabilitate exponentiala - stabilitate exponentiala; isteriile mileniului
Topics (en): history - historical criticism; contemporary philosophy; illusion of the end - philosophy - France - 20th century; immortality; dissolution - strategy; catastrophe ( disaster, calamity); war; exponential instability - exponential stability; hysteria of th
Position: A.2-BAU UDC: 122/129"19"
Series: Critical Theory; History;
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

10. Bergedorfer Gesprächskreis; Körber, Kurt A. [initiator]; Wehmeier, Klaus [coordinator]
Reforms in the Middle East. How Can Europe and the US Contribute?/ Bergedorfer Geschprächskreis; Kurt A. Körber [initiator]; Klaus Wehmeier [coordinator]
Edition Körber-Stiftung, 2006, Hamburg , (carte) 144p., ISBN 3-89684-362-1
Topics (ro): relatii internationale - stabilitate - Orientul Mijlociu; politica mondiala - politica de securitate - Europa - Statele Unite; Orientul Mijlociu - reforme; conflictul arab-israelian; Orientul Mijlociu - radicalism - democratizare
Topics (en): international relations - stability - Middle EAst; world politics - security policy - Europe - United States; Middle East - reforms; Arab-Israeli conflict; Middle East - radicalism - democratization
Position: H.173-KOR UDC: 327(4)
Series: Bergedorf Protocol; 133rd
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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